Should You Use Over The Counter Skin Tag Removal Products?

skrcmsAlthough skin tags are harmless even when it is a piece of loose skin, some people choose to remove them because they are unsightly. However, there are ways you can effectively remove skin tags without spending much and one of which is purchasing over the counter skin tag removal products. Some are quite doubtful about buying this because they do not know whether or not they are using the right product. Which is why, it is important to read some reviews for you to find out more about the product that suits your preference and can give you positive results. When it comes to over the counter skin tag removal products, you have a lot of options to choose from.

For you to narrow down your selection, it is important that you know which product you are going to purchase. Reviews, like this one covering the Revitol Skin Tag Remover, are very helpful because they provide you all the information you need. Some of the over the counter skin tag removal products come in the form of creams. When you apply the cream regularly, you will notice that the size of your skin tags has been effectively reduced. It is important that you use the product regularly so you can get positive results.

What Are The Ways To Best Remove Skin Tags?

The good news about having skin tags is that they can be removed. Although they usually develop when your skin rubs against jewelry or clothing, they can become unsightly especially when they are bigger than usual. If you want to get rid of them without spending much, you can use some natural techniques. When you decide in removing skin tags, you need to make sure that the tools you are going to use are clean. One of the natural ways in removing your skin tags is cutting them off. The process is easy and will not take so much of your time. When you are removing skin tags, you need to follow the right steps.

You should also be patient because skin tags will not be removed right away. When you are removing skin tags, make sure you know the right process. You can also use some essential oils  Continue reading

Talking About The Zyppah Anti-Snoring Device

Zyppah (zee-pah) is an anti-snoring device that combines the two well-known types of mouthpieces, Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSD) and Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD). TSDs work to hold the tongue in place to keep it from blocking the airway during sleep while MADs stabilize the tongue by positioning the lower jaw in a forward position. Zyppah is renowned because it utilizes both of these methods, guaranteeing to eliminate snoring in the user. With the Zyppah system, the tongue is held in place by a band at the back of the device which stops the tongue from falling back and obstructing the airway. Simultaneously, the jaw is brought forward, tightening the muscles in the back of the mouth and throat in order to prevent the tongue from moving underneath the band. Because the tongue cannot move and the throat muscles are stretched, snoring is eliminated as the airway is kept open and unobstructed. The clear passageway allows more oxygen rich air to enter into the body, benefiting the overall health of the user by allowing for a deeper and more restorative sleep.

First appearing in 2012, the Zyppah system was created by a well-experienced dentist and bioengineer who spent a decade studying the problem of snoring. Like many other MAD mouthpieces, the Zyppah uses the “boil and bite method” to custom fit the piece to your individual mouth shape. With the “boil and bite” method, the guard must be softened by boiling in a pot of water until it becomes moldable. Then, once the guard has cooled to an appropriate temperature, the user bites the guard allowing it to form a mold of the mouth. Once the mold is obtained, the guard is place in ice water to harden in order to maintain the new shape. If for any reason the guard does not fit properly, it can be boiled again and reshaped. By doing this, the mouthpiece is customized to each individual user, making for a perfect fit and allowing complete comfort in the wearer. Snoring mouthpieces are key to managing the problem.

Zyppah is FDA approved and made in the United States. They offer a thirty day trial period for a fee of $9.95 to cover the shipping and handling of the product  Continue reading

Hope Hammond Gets Real

hhgrGrandpa! There’s a big house down the road! I can see it through the trees!” Hope cried.

“Why, so there is, child,” Grandpa said. The horses picked up their gait and the wagon joggled and swayed noisily along the rutted road.

Hope had grown accustomed to the constant jingle of pots and pans; her grandpa was a tin peddler. Because there were no country stores in 1781, the farmers depended on peddlers like Edward Hammond to supply them. Local food is always better, they say.

Grandpa craned his neck for a better look at the house. “We have just enough time to reach Philadelphia before the fair begins. Soon you’ll be enrolled in school and can sleep in a bed again.”

“I shall miss you, Grandpa,” Hope answered.  Continue reading

Racing In Their Blood

ritbIn this green and pleasant land, the fields outside the course are filled with white stretch limos the length of a squash court, attended by race- goers drinking champagne at tailgate parties. Some are even smoking out of glass pipes like these. Presumably those who cannot afford grey morning dress or had forgotten their top hat. Or possibly the touts. There are six races each day of the four-day Royal Ascot season, starting at the gentlemanly hour of 2:30 and finishing at the gentlemanly hour of 5:30.

After six months negotiating for a ticket, it is $130 a pop to get into the Royal Enclosure. Ladies who have …

Logger Of The Year? Yep.

mhbAs Ralph Morgan puts it, “I’d rather have friends than money anytime.”

Luckily, Morgan has both, although he’s not the type to talk much about the latter. Morgan has made innumerable friends after 40-plus years logging and doing other business in a two-county area of eastern Mississippi. And a good many of those friends are business contacts.

Maybe Morgan puts so much stock in maintaining good friends because most people who work with him become his friends. After living and maintaining three businesses in the same county for decades, Morgan is good at keeping those friends. Networking works in the woods, too.

As with almost any successful logger, much …

Lady Cowgirls Do It Up At The Rodeo

lcowgIt’s a typical mid-August day in eastern Colorado–so dry that a gulp of water mixes with dust in your throat and makes mud. Across the sun-glazed arena of the Akron fairgrounds booms the announcer’s voice “… and all the way from Montana, ladies and gentlemen….” In worn Wranglers and rugby shirt, world-champion bullrider Lynn “Jonnie” Jonckowski lowers herself onto Cottontail– 1,500 pounds of raging Brahma muscle.

Jonnie’s right arm, spirally fractured in 12 places by a bull’s hooves nearly two years ago, is tightly wrapped. This is her first major competition since the accident.

In the closet-sized chute, the bun rocks with anticipation, slamming his rider’s knees into metal bars …

The Cowdog Is King!

cowdikJohn Erickson is a jen-u-wine Texas cowboy. He’s a lanky, bearded six-footer in an honest-to-God ten-gallon hat, and he has that stubborn Old West determination to succeed.

That’s why he borrowed $2,000 from a high school football buddy who worked at the Perryton, Texas, bank, and in 1982 started publishing his own books — the Hank the Cowdog series.

Erickson had been writing for 15 years, collecting hundreds — possibly thousands — of rejections. “I’d gone to writers’ conventions and chased those New York editors all around the hotel lobbies, but nobody was interested,” he says. “Maybe self-publishing was a crazy thing to do, but it was really a matter …

Cowboy Poetry Stokes The Flame

cowbpsAs critics have been bemoaning the decline of poetry and literary writers have been defending their small yet loyal audience, another trend has taken root at ranches, rodeos and country-and-western bars across America: the rise of cowboy poetry.

I was able to explore this trend last year when I was asked to judge the National Cowboy Hall of Fame poetry competition out of Oklahoma City. (The biggest cowboy poetry event, The Gathering — a convention that began in 1985 in Elko, Nevada — now attracts more than 8,000 poetry lovers, which may make it the largest annual celebration of verse in the world.)

Generally, cowboy poets don’t approach the …

Western Artist Points The Way

wapFritz White defies the stereotypical image of the Western artist You can usually find him in his studio, a partially renovated church in Loveland, wearing shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and tennis shoes. Strains of classical music jazz fill the cavernous space. Here, every day, he paces around a work in progress, sketches new ideas on his chalkboard, and discusses board with other artists, referring to Rodin and Michelangelo more often than Russell or Remington.

The human figure has always been the primary focus of his art. Western art, especially his studies of the Native American, is a natural extension of his interest in the human body. “I like to keep …

Jay Dusard: Western Photographer

jadwpJay Dusard’s techniques have proven extraordinarily successful, catapulting him into the regional and national spotlight in everything from ad campaigns to book projects…all the while never compromising his singular artistic vision.

“My favorite kind of photography is landscape, and that’s what I’ve been working on mostly since I built my 4×10 `point-and-shoot’ camera,” offers Dusard, even though he is better know for his portraits. “I don’t see any difference between portraits and landscapes; I approach all of my photography similarly and the only difference between a portrait and a landscape is that in the portrait some of your subject matter is movable. Not so in landscapes, wherein you must move …