Lady Cowgirls Do It Up At The Rodeo

lcowgIt’s a typical mid-August day in eastern Colorado–so dry that a gulp of water mixes with dust in your throat and makes mud. Across the sun-glazed arena of the Akron fairgrounds booms the announcer’s voice “… and all the way from Montana, ladies and gentlemen….” In worn Wranglers and rugby shirt, world-champion bullrider Lynn “Jonnie” Jonckowski lowers herself onto Cottontail– 1,500 pounds of raging Brahma muscle.

Jonnie’s right arm, spirally fractured in 12 places by a bull’s hooves nearly two years ago, is tightly wrapped. This is her first major competition since the accident.

In the closet-sized chute, the bun rocks with anticipation, slamming his rider’s knees into metal bars …